NYGeek is a computer scientist working in a technology company in New York. His real name is Marc Donner. This blog contains his personal thoughts and comments and none of his employer’s. There is at least one other person who uses the id NYGeek, so do not assume that this id on another site comes from him.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Okay – Marc this is too weird, yesterday I asked you to send me a link to your blog… Today, I am on Google and one of the sponsored links is your blog!!! How did you do that!!!!!!

  2. well cuz I found out the director of the Dpt of Pub health…my boss many times removed is tweeting so I thought I would too and that led you to me how bizzar…
    Love to you and yours

    I dont know how to tweet from a phone so I wont but Im on my way to Argentina and Shanti is on her way to brazil in July….

    right now were raising cain with the workers at the CDPH. I initiated the first ever inter union meeting last week boy people are pissed….but not enough yet…

    Peace out bro!

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